Japanese Hand-Carved Whisk


These beautiful, delicate chasens are crafted by skilled Japanese artisans who view the carving of each whisk as an adored meditative practice. 

The rare, 100-prong chasen style is not only hand-carved with culture and intention, but it is also said to whisk the most premium, desirable matcha consistency. Each ultra thin bamboo prong takes a considerable amount of time to hand-carve. Each prong works in tandem to disperse the matcha through the water, creating an unparalleled smooth and gentle whisking experience that can only be described as the feeling of silk.

The majority of matcha whisks available for purchase are mass produced in China. Side by side comparison of Japanese whisks versus Chinese whisks will show the vast difference in the prong sizes and quantities. While Japanese chasens enhance the ceremonial practice of preparing matcha tea, they also thoroughly whisk the matcha into the water to ensure that no clumps are left. The open bowl-like shape helps aerate the matcha for optimal aroma and flavor.

Shop the Artisanal Matcha Kit to enjoy using your hand-crafted whisk with our organic, single cultivar Ceremonial Grade Matcha (5-star recommended).


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