Plant Alchemy, Conscious Luxury.

 The foundation of Whimsy Official is built upon the principle that wellness and beauty are synonymous – not one is more paramount than the other when it comes to living a healthy, abundant lifestyle. With conscious luxury at the forefront of our brand’s mission, we are highly driven to create clean, organic, plant-based products that are industry-leading and redefining.

Our dedication to sustainability extends far beyond an ecological standpoint. We strive to not only produce products that are organic, renewable, and leave a low carbon footprint, but it is also imperative that our products are sustainable on a human-to-human level. With thousands of new products being released into the consumer market each day, we understand the value of choosing few, but choosing well. We believe that using top-tier, effective products should feel attainable and exciting rather than overwhelming. This is why we will always aim to keep our product SKUs low for the sake of our community.

For the utmost quality control, we source each our ingredients from their native origins. This allows our products to be of the highest grade while lending us the opportunity to deeply learn and appreciate the culture of each ingredient. We have built exceptional relationships with our growers and suppliers, and we take pride in the privilege of learning from them along this journey.

While our products make up only half of our brand, the other half is our stellar community. We feel so grateful to be given the platform we have for Whimsy Official, and our hearts are committed to giving back in a plethora of ways. By 2022, our mission is to offer seasonal grants for other sustainable, female and non-binary led companies who want to create change, but are limited based on financial resources. 

Whimsy Official was founded by Jasmine Lee (left) and Victoria McAbee (right).

Our Promise

Honesty that our ingredients will always be 100% natural, non-toxic, and derived from plants. We will never use animal product or animal by-product in our products.

Integrity when it comes to the internal workings of our company. We commit ourselves to ethical, sustainable practices across the board.

Dedication to putting our community first. We aim to make conscious luxury attainable by keeping our SKUs limited. We never want wellness and beauty to feel overwhelming or impractical.

Compassion for helping others. Without each other, what else do we really have? When we have the opportunity to make an impact or a difference – whether financially or using our voice – we will never hesitate.