A Letter from the COO, Jasmine Lee

Hello loves! 

Welcome to Whimsy Official. My co-founder Victoria and I are so delighted to have you here. This is your community for all things beauty and wellness based on the particular end goal we all have in mind: looking and feeling our best. Constantly remaining in tune with our bodies is a huge passion that both Victoria and I share, and we’ve created the ultimate line of products to help you do just that. Whimsy Official is a space where our beauty and wellness essentials deserve to be of the highest quality, and they should feel as sleek and sexy as other areas of our lives.

The Official Edit is your sophisticated destination for beauty, wellness, lifestyle, holistic healing, Ayurvedic practices, and more. We are strong believers that beauty and wellness truly begins from within. 

Matcha: it’s the superfood that started it all. Matcha has bonded Victoria and I as individuals and co-founders for a number of years now. We have sourced the perfectly green, vibrant, silky, and smooth powder straight from a small, sustainable farm in Uji, Japan. Our Ceremonial-Grade Matcha is not only organic, but each leaf is plucked to perfection at peak-harvest to ensure the freshest quality possible.

Our love for this green beauty catapulted our intrigue into countless other adaptogens and their unique healing properties. The Glow Getter Collagen Blend is not only vegan, but has been specifically curated to increase the production of collagen cells throughout our skin, revitalize, and energize. The beauty blend can be used to make decaf lattes (our favorite combo is with oat milk and honey), blended into smoothies, and used for fun baking purposes. The blue pea flower base results in a beautiful, baby blue pigment. We’re so excited to finally share our love of adaptogens and plant medicine with you all! 

A plant-based lifestyle has effectively changed Victoria and I’s lives in so many ways. Both coming from a past of an eating disorder and disordered eating habits, changing our diets and lifestyles has led us to an incredible path of healing. Hence, why Whimsy Official is so close to our hearts. We welcome you all into a world which makes you feel empowered, sexy, and motivated to continue working towards the highest versions of yourselves. 

XOXO - Jasmine, co-founder and COO