Here's the Tea: Our Brand Evolution (Explicit Edition)

Every great brand has a genesis, a beginning, a story unknown. The thing about ours, is that it's sooo much different from what you see here. Yes, we're talking early 2018 (AKA when Whimsy was first born, and before we ever DREAMED of becoming solely an e-commerce brand). But we're also talking about where we were almost 7 years ago, long before we ever immersed ourselves in the wellness space. We were just two broke college girls living so far from alignment with our higher selves.

We like to joke that our story of how we came into creating Whimsy Official is a "from rags to riches tale," but obviously we're a new company with lots of growing to do. Honestly, we're mostly talking about ourselves when we say that. The people we were compared to where we are today is night and day. But what you probably don't know is that what 'Whimsy' use to be, was not so glamourous. We literally LOL at the thought of it everyday. Stick around for this story and we'll take you down memory lane AKA the evolution of our company.

This is the story about how two best friends (who refer to each other as sisters) met drunkenly at a college football game tailgate and never looked back. It's an interesting one, so buckle the fuck up. It's going to be a bumpy ride on this 7x14 foot concession trailer (just wait, we'll get there k?).

In 2013, Jasmine and I met through mutual friends at a college tailgate party. Lots of alcohol was involved (like, the typical college set up: handles of Aristocrat vodka and Sprite). As 18 year olds, it was a pretty fun day. Of course, we wouldn't drink that shit now if our life depended on it, but I'm honestly so glad we were able to bond over horrible game day mixed drinks, because the sisterhood that was formed on that day was unparalleled. Even today, I've never met a friend as solid as her.

So, flash forward 5 years to 2018 and obviously we're still best friends. At that point, that's when we were like, "OK, can we just cut the bull shit and just start saying sisters?" and we were both like, "Yeah, sounds good, sis." And from there, we were officially blood relatives. Please don't try to argue this. It makes perfect sense. Jasmine's mom's name is Gina, my mom's name is Tina. Coincidence? I think not.

That same year, Jasmine had gone fully vegan and I was fucking intrigued to say the least. Within 4 months, we were both living the plant-based life and loving it. Aside from the fact that my grocery bill jumped from $70/week to $200/week, it was great. We started following more wellness influencers on Instagram such as Jeannette of Shut the Kale Up, Rachael of Rachael's Good Eats, Jordan of The Balanced Blonde, and others. That's where we learned majority of how to not only eat "plant-based" or "vegan," but how to eat CLEAN and without guilt.

We started trying food and cooking techniques that we had never heard of before. Matcha was one of them! Our first sip of matcha may have been the worst, most low quality culinary-grade matcha we've ever tasted, but as first timers, it was a game changer. We also started learning more about adaptogens, their functions, and how to incorporate them into our daily lives. Again, GAME CHANGER.

Lost and a little unsure of what to do next with our lives (Jasmine had graduated college without any career path in sight, and I had dropped out in 2017), we were both working as servers at an upscale restaurant in our college town. One night after work, we decided to chill at the bar and have a glass of Prosecco. It was that evening when we decided we wanted to open a coffee/matcha shop. But not just any coffee/matcha shop... an ADAPTOGENIC one.

Did I mention that we both went to college in the South East? Auburn University to be exact. The southern home of fried chicken, lifted Chevy trucks, and... eh, I won't go on. You get the picture.

With that info in mind, I'm sure you can gather how unheard of an adaptogenic coffee shop would be. And it was. It was risky as hell, but we were determined to bring wellness to the South (and true wellness, not "I eat microwaved-in-plastic Lean Cuisines for lunch because it's healthier." No. None of that nonsense).

We didn't have much cash, so our plan didn't go as expected. We had to switch gears from opening a brick and mortar to a mobile truck. And then we didn't have enough cash for a food truck. So we had to buy a truck (like a Dodge Ram vehichle) and a 7x14 foot concession trailer which we had to hitch/unhitch every day and haul around. It was the scariest thing we had ever signed up to do. Like, Jasmine can barely drive as is (sorry Jas, I love you to death but you hit every curb in sight and it terrifies me to death), but there we were, being trusted to drive around what is essentially a TRAILER, even in big cities such as Atlanta, Georgia. Who let us do that?!

FACT: No one was harmed during the full year we operated Whimsy out of the trailer. Bless up.

By 2019, we had enough money to open our first storefront. And within a month from signing our lease, we flipped the space and opened our first matcha cafe. Little did we know, we would hate it. We absolutely hated it. Idk if it's just me, but having to show up to one location and stay for 8-10 hours a day is the worst thing ever. It was pure torture for me. We kept that cafe open for 5 months, and then once COVID-19 hit, we called it a fucking day. It was honestly (is this bad to say?), the best thing that could have ever happened to us. From that experience, our mental health was suffering. We knew we needed to make a change.

We had been planning and designing the concept of Whimsy Official for MONTHS. But with a cafe to operate, we just didn't have the time to make it happen. Lots of other context I'm leaving out due to time, but that's the majority of it.

Still loving our company Whimsy, we wanted to find a way to transition our new brand into something more than a local luxury. We wanted tangible products.

After a few months (like, every single day showing up to our office to work on the plans and execute it all), Whimsy Official was BORN. We were ready.

And the rest is happening now. Whimsy Official was created for all of you to enjoy. Our hearts and souls went into the creation of this product line that you currently see, and we are so excited for the future of what's to come!!!

Thank you so much for coming along this walk down memory lane. I hope you've enjoyed hearing a brief backstory of our company's evolution.

We are so thankful to have you as a part of this community. Sending all the love in the world!

If you're new here and want to learn more about Whimsy Official, please visit Our Story page. 

xx Victoria, CEO (and Jasmine sitting right beside me chiming in, heavily impacting every word you just read)